Finally, an aluminum sectional dock that is solid to walk on and breaks down quickly with no tools. This dock has an upscale appearance that will compliment any shoreline and is priced to be an exceptional value.

* Extruded aluminum frame for high strength, low weight and a sharp appearance.

* 4-ft. wide and available in 8-ft., 10-ft., and 12-ft. lengths.

* Modular design uses Quick-Connects™ for unlimited configurations.

* Available with welded on aluminum decking for maximum strength, light weight, and no maintenance. Choose from Grey or Aluma-grain decking. Also available with composite decking.

* Pre-drilled holes on each section accomodates Easy-Level legs or standard post legs with brackets.

QUICK-CONNECT SYSTEM Floe's secret to modular portability

* Links modular dock sections together versus hard bolting.

* Holes are pre-drilled on the ends of all dock sections. For sundeck or L options, add holes as needed.

* Quickly add or disconnect sections.

* Can be added anywhere to create custom configurations


Takes the work out of leveling and adjusting your dock!

* Effortlessly level each dock section independently from the top with a cordless drill. Eliminates having to manually lift and level dock sections

* Top side screw jack system on each leg kit uses aluminum ACME threaded rod and composite nut that will never rust.

* Flush mount design eliminates unsightly and potentially dangerous support poles.

* All sections will have holes for brackets on both ends and four holes on the top side to accept screw jack legs on all four corners.

* Top side adjustment hole is neatly finished with a black cap.

* Leg Kits includes leg brackets, sand pads, and Quick-Connects™.

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